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Victorian Blooms Lollipops

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Product Details
These dainty 3” hand made heart shaped hard candy lollipops are a perfect Valentine’s Day offering! They are cherry marshmallow flavored and feature a pretty Victorian ephemera wafer paper hand holding an oversized rose. The note on the hand says “Accept My Sincere Love.” The candy is dotted with light pink and white candy pearls. You are able to select light, medium, or dark, skin tone on the hands. Just send me a message with what you’d like! Each lollipop is individually wrapped, branded, and tied with a satin bow. Our lollipops are best consumed within 4-8 weeks, as they contain no preservatives. After this, they might start to lose their shape and clarity. In dryer climates, they often last longer. We produce the lollipops in small batches as close to the ship date as possible, so they arrive fresh and perfect for you. Please note this shelf life prior to ordering.
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